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Student Work:

Ancient China objectives and the assignments:

1. Describe the Economy in ancient China:
2. Explain the Culture of ancient China. What do they believe?
(Wiki Photo Project)
3. What does it mean to be a citizen of ancient China? How do they organize? Govern? What are their rules?
(need to know outline: What do you need to know to be a member of the AC society?)
4. What was the Struggle for power in AC? What were the conflicts?
(Bullet points in notebook that explain the power sturggles and conflicts.)
5. Describe the Geography of China. Explain how physical features seperate the Land. Describe Moutains, Rivers.
6. Global Interaction: What has AC given us in terms of Science, Technology, Health, and World Economy?
7. Diagram and explain the Dynastic Cycle.
8. Who were some of the influential people in Ancient China?
(5- playing cards)
9. Describe the philosophies of; Loazi, Buddah, Confucious.
(Big paper)
10. What was the Han Dynasty? Explain the civil services and Pax Sinica.
(Paragraph answering the question)
11. List the order of the dynasties explored in the book.
12. Identify and explain the characteristics of the...Xia Dynasty
13. " " Shang Dynasty
14. " " Zhou Dynasty
15. " " Qin Dynasty
16 " " Han Dynasty


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