In New York City there was a man who attempted to do a car bomb. He was acting out as a terrorist. The man is known to be Faisal Shazad, a thirty year old man from Pakistan. He was book to fly out back to Pakistan right after the attack, however he was taken off the plane at the last second by security and was held. Two other suspects were also taken off the same plane, turns out they had nothing to do with what was going on it was just the heat of the moment. Faisal will appear in court today ( Tuesday, May 4th 2010) and the judge will determine if a bond will be available. Lucky he was unable to carry out the attack and the car bomb was failed. After doing a background re search it showed that Faisal is from Pakistan and has lived there much of his life, it’s where all of his family is.

There has been an oil spill off of the Gulf of Mexico there is good news and bad news in this case. It is never good to have oil leak, it waste so much oil which costs so much money. When this happens it’s never good, it can leak into oceans, rivers, lakes, ect and ruin life for any living thing in the sea. However, the seafloor is a light grade that shouldn’t be as hard to clean up as other parts of where the spill occurred. That is good news; the bad news is that the oil could leak up to 60,000 barrels per day if BP efforts fail to plug in. Louisiana has been getting the most damage done to it, and gas prices are being raised nearly twenty cents. It is not for sure it’s a cause of the oil spill, however were sure it is.

Yardley Love was a 22 year old student attending UVA and playing lacrosse. Many described her as a sweet, fun, hardworking girl! Her life was cut short when she was found dead at her own apartment. Yardley’s “boyfriend” is the number one suspect in this case; DNA, blue shorts, and Yardley’s computer have all been found at his house. He is the only suspect in this case. Yardley is believed to have bled to death after having her head pounded into a wall over and over again. She was found lying face down in her own pillow with blood coming out of everywhere.