union.jpgBattle of the West
Union-13,000 deaths
Confederate 10,000 deaths including Johnston
Commading Officers:
Union-Ulysses S. Grant
Confederate-Albert Sidney Johnson
Ulysses led an army of 100,000 into Tennessee and captured valuble forts and rivers. Confederates attacked and kept Ulysses and his army at the Tennessee river all night. The next morning Ulysses launched an attack and forced the confederates to retreat. Six weeks general Grant and his men laid siege to the confederate army of the town of Vicksburg and the Vicksburg defenders devoured mules and rats to keep from starving. In late June the desperate confederates sent a letter to their commander urging surrender. July 3, 1863 General Grant and confederate commander John Pemberton met under an oak tree and discussed surrender. The union took control over Port Hudson and took control over Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. The Union Won.
Ulysses and his men attacking the confederates.
Shermanator's march to the sea.
union-2,100 deathes
confederate-1,000 deaths
Union commandor William Techumseh Sherman 100,000 men
Confederate commandor William J. Hardee 13,000 men
Sherman brought 100,000 men to Atlanta and destroyed everything they could, railroads, farms, crops, and livestock. They got stopped a few times but not for long and ended up in Savannah, Georgia. The impact of this battle effectivley eliminated the regions economic usefulness to the confederates. This was a very successful finish for the Union.

Sherman and his men cleaning house!