==​Economic Impact on the Fall of Rome=

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Economic Decline in Rome:

Chain of Events Leading to the Fall of Rome:

Main Cause: Rise in Taxes
~ Government raised the taxes to help pay to build public buildings, support the armies, and to finance the two capitals that would be built later on, due to expansion.
~ Citizens paid taxes in money, animals, slaves, land, houses, etc. Anything that a person owned could be used to pay for taxes.

Chain of Events to follow:
  • Even though taxes were high, the money the government gained from them still wasn't enough to fund the governments needs. The government made the rest of the money by winning foreign wars, but after the Trajan war, the Roman income dropped dramatically.
  • After the income decreased, Roman government couldn't pay for the necessities of running an empire. Roads were left damaged and unrepaired.
  • This increased the danger of travelling. Trade was affected manufacturing and both almost diminished completely.
  • Agriculture, once the main source of money, endured the same as trade. Farmers that didn't own too much land lost their land slowly as more powerful farmers bought it off of them.
QUICK NOTE: The Roman economy was in turmoil. They didn't have enough money to take care of the civilization. They had few wealthy people, and most citizens gradually became poorer and poorer.
  • The Romans were soon invaded by barbarians. They fought their hardest, but it wasn't enough. They ended up losing.
  • After the loss, Romans didn't have leadership to build the empire back up.
  • The middle class suffered by the taxes and public service.The courts did not serve any justice.
-----The Roman Empire were stuck with this problem, without being able to make it go away.

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