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Julius Caesar

Charlegmane was the greatest of all the Frankish tribes. He lived in a manor and was the son of Pepin. He and his Frankish tribe defeated the moors. In Islam, the Vikings took over Charlegmane’s domain, causing war to begin. The grant of land was called a fief. This fief was given to a vassal, the one receiving the land. This made the manorial system very upset. After war, this was taken to court. The compurgation decided the Vikings were guilty. The Vikings started the war by attacking Charlegmane’s keep, which is where he slept in his manor. When Charlegmane’s chivalry, including the serfs, wanted revenge, a feudalism arose.

Native Americans in the Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Totem Poles-created by expert woodworkers and carvers

Several tribes had an economy based largely on fishing

Pacific Coast-Northwest coast of North America

Cultures and Beliefs of Ancient China

Chinese Foods

Ancient China Clothing

Ancient Chinese Art

Ancient Chinese Festivals

Buddha- Founder of Buddhist Religion